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From 29 March 2019 the fund will not accept any new clients domiciled in an European Union (EU) 27 country. Current investors within the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) may continue to hold units in our UK domiciled funds and may make additional contributions. This is subject to change.

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David Coombs, head of multi-asset investments, will be outlining his latest views; updating you on fund performance and discussing some of the topics that are front of mind.
29 September 2021

Join head of sales Greg Mullins as he introduces this ‘In conversation’ series.  A lot has happened since the last series; the world isn’t yet back to ‘normal’, and there are plenty of challenges and opportunities on the horizon. Greg explains how these videos provide a concise and pertinent overview of our funds.

21 September 2021

Manager James Thomson explains how he picks his best ideas from around the world, with a particular focus on mid-sized growth companies. He believes it’s now mission critical to own superior US stocks. He also explains why he believes balancing growth companies with reopening beneficiaries may help investors weather more volatile markets.

21 September 2021

Manager Alan Dobbie explains why he’s excited about the strong bounce-back in UK dividends this year and how he believes this will reignite investor interest in UK equity income strategies. He examines the longer-term dividend outlook and considers how M&A activity highlights the latent value in UK markets.

21 September 2021

Manager Alexandra Jackson explains why she expects medium-sized UK companies that are growing fast and consistently to continue to deliver strong returns. She examines key themes within the fund, notably the tech sector, while also considering how the boom in M&A activity is fuelling renewed focus on the UK market.

21 September 2021

Manager Bryn Jones discusses how his fund is meeting growing investor demand for bond strategies that meet positive social and environmental criteria. He explains how he’s been putting inflows to work and considers the key themes that excite him most.

21 September 2021

Manager David Harrison explains how his fund, which celebrated its third anniversary in July, aims to create long-term value for investors, the society and the environment. David discusses how he seeks out the best global companies that fulfil the fund’s rigorous sustainability criteria. He outlines some of the key themes he’s most excited about, like electrification. 

21 September 2021

Manager Noelle Cazalis highlights the fund’s focus on bonds issued by high-quality companies operating in resilient industries. She explains how the fund’s focus on shorter duration investments may help protect investor capital in a higher inflation world.

21 September 2021

Manager Bryn Jones explains how his fund aims to deliver low-volatility returns and can pull several different levers as bond market conditions change. He considers the impact of the huge fiscal largesse in place since the pandemic struck and examines some of the opportunities he’s finding in credit markets.

21 September 2021
Fund Manager of the Rathbone Greenbank Multi-Asset Portfolios, Will McIntosh-Whyte, covers latest fund updates and discusses some of the topics that are front of mind, including: US inflation; a pathway to recovery, and looking at the latest sustainable themes on radar.
30 June 2021