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From 29 March 2019 the fund will not accept any new clients domiciled in an European Union (EU) 27 country. Current investors within the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) may continue to hold units in our UK domiciled funds and may make additional contributions. This is subject to change.

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Co-Fund Manager of the Rathbone Multi-Asset Portfolios fund range Will McIntosh-Whyte will discuss fund performance.
17 September 2020

Join our latest webcast with co-fund manager Will McIntosh-Whyte for an update on the Rathbone Multi-Asset Portfolios. 

23 July 2020

A special webcast detailing new fund launches and an update on strategy

15 June 2020

David will be discussing the speed of the recovery now underway in most countries (ex UK) and outlining his thoughts on whether nesting and the return of the family meal are signs of structural change in consumer demand or just red herrings.

05 June 2020

Lockdowns have eased and second waves have so far not materialised. But the UK stock market hasn’t kept up, and furthermore small & mid caps have trailed.  Why has the UK underperformed? Where does this leave valuations? Can we still hide in ‘expensive defensives?’  Join Alexandra Jackson, manager of the Rathbone UK Opportunities Fund, to discuss these topics in a live webcast

21 May 2020
David Coombs, head of multi-asset investments will be outlining his latest views on the speed of lockdown exits around the world and the impact this is having on strategy.
18 May 2020

Bryn Jones, Rathbones Head of Fixed Income and Noelle Cazalis, lead fund manager of the Rathbone High Quality Bond Fund will discuss our fixed income funds, how the various strategies have navigated the current economic environment.

18 May 2020
Please join Carl Stick and Alan Dobbie for a timely and insightful update on the Rathbone Income Fund.
12 May 2020
David Coombs, head of multi-asset investments will update on strategy and will highlight his views on inflation vs deflation, recovery vs new lows and tech vs leisure.
07 May 2020

Thursday 7 May at 11:00am - James Thomson, lead manager of the Rathbone Global Opportunities Fund updates investors on the positioning of the fund. 

01 May 2020