Brexit statement

Investors in our UK range of authorised funds

There was no requirement for our existing investors to take any action as a result of the Brexit implementation.

Our UK range of funds is marketed to UK investors and that remains the case.  We will not accept any new applications directly from EU investors going forward. These funds no longer qualify as UCITS funds but are now known as UK UCITS.

All of these funds are managed in exactly the same way with the same investment objectives and by the same investment teams.

Investors in our Luxembourg SICAV range

We also do not require investors in our Luxembourg to take any action as a result of Brexit. 

Rathbones appointed Fundrock to act as our management company in Luxembourg so that we can continue to offer and support our funds to European and global investors. They are regulated by the  Luxembourg regulator , the Commission de Surveillance du Sector Financier.

We do not currently see the need for any significant changes to our Luxembourg SICAV fund range but we continue to monitor the relationship between the UK and the EU following Brexit in the context of financial services. 

Updated: 13 January 2022