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The Sharpe End podcast

We don’t have all the answers, but we have plenty of opinions. Discover the latest news and views from the Rathbone multi-asset investing team. The Sharpe End lets you be a fly on the wall for frank and informal conversations the team are having on the desk about recent events and how they impact their funds. 

The Sharpe End podcast

Episode Three: Wheel of fortune - 8 September 2021

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On this month’s episode of The Sharpe End, David, Will, and Craig ask whether investors are getting too excited about dubious subscription business models, and whether investors are looking critically enough at these ‘flywheels’ of growth. Should they instead spin the wheel and investigate some of those pure Covid reopening plays? Speaking of wheels, they also look at how the shift from exercise bikes to a set of real wheels helps Shimano.


Episode two: Office politics - 11 August 2021

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In the second episode of The Sharpe End, David, Will and Craig discuss the rationale behind China’s intervention in technology and education markets, along with the potential for contagion into other sectors. Also, has UK commercial property hit its bottom? And should they worry about the recent jump in Dexcom’s share price?

Episode one: Supermarket sweep - 15 July 2021

Listen to The Sharpe End podcast on your favourite platform here

In the inaugural episode of The Sharpe End, David, Will and Craig discuss the private equity battle for Morrisons and the broader picture for UK retail. Also, how might the UK’s inflationary future differ from the rest of the world, and what does Cristiano Ronaldo know about Coca-Cola’s water business?

Rathbones multi-asset investing team:
David Coombs, Head of Multi-Asset Investments 
Will McIntosh-Whyte, Fund Manager, Rathbone Greenbank Multi-Asset Portfolio funds and Rathbone Multi-Asset Portfolio funds.
Craig Brown, Senior Multi-Asset Investment Specialist
This podcast is intended for professional investors, and must not be shared with a non-professional audience. Any views and opinions are those of the investment manager, and coverage of any assets held must be taken in context of the constitution of the fund and in no way reflect an investment recommendation. Past performance should not be seen as an indication of future performance.

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