In pursuit of green

Taking a trip to America, our Global Sustainability Fund manager, David Harrison, detects a change in the air.

Increasingly investors are demanding that companies show they act ethically, source sustainably and don’t abuse the planet. On a recent visit to the US, Rathbone Global Sustainability Fund manager David Harrison was pleasantly surprised to find that American companies are starting to take notice, too. If American companies – some of the most profit-focused businesses on Earth – can be swayed to become sustainable, anyone can.

In his latest report, David explains how the US companies he meets are becoming more active about Environmental Social Governance (ESG) issues. They are compelled to do so both for the benefits it offers for our world and the people in it as well as for the possible profits of new products that offer customers more sustainable choices. He also marvels at the technology being used to make agriculture less wasteful and help cut water usage among households and businesses. But he also notes the conundrum of unintended consequences: how the growth of the Silicon Valley tech scene, which is responsible for many amazing advances we enjoy today, has accompanied social problems in its own backyard.   

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