Rathbone Luxembourg SICAV

The Rathbone Luxembourg Funds SICAV (Société d'Investisement à Capital Variable) provides international clients access to a range of actively managed funds, each with a risk-return profile to suit individual investment needs.
Who are you?
Individual (or retail) investors outside of the UK
Financial advisers, intermediaries, professional investors and investment professionals outside of the UK

Our funds - Int'nl individual

These funds provide international clients access to the Rathbones investment expertise at low minimum investment levels, and are available in GBP, EUR and USD (EUR and USD shareclasses are hedged).

Rathbone Unit Trust Management and responsible investment

  • Give our clients a clear understanding of the extent to which responsible or sustainable criteria are factored into the investment process of each of our funds
  • Meet the current and likely future regulations around taxonomy and reporting requirements in the UK and other jurisdictions in which we operate
  • Clarify our alignment to and application of the commitments made by Rathbones Group around responsible investment and in particular to the net zero initiative.

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