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Our economic and market reviews are delivered from Rathbones chief investment officer, Julian Chillingworth.  He brings highlights, on the investment forecast and the outlook for global and UK markets.    

China and the US have signed a one-sided trade deal that has got investors excited about the year ahead. Chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth notes recession concerns have been well and truly supplanted.

20 January 2020

Stock markets went bananas last year as China and the US appeared to finally agree on trade. But then the killing of a top Iranian general set off geopolitical fireworks. Chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth mulls the consequences.

13 January 2020

After many debates, votes and faff, the UK is just about ready to start leaving the EU. Chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth takes a look at the year ahead and the one just gone.

19 December 2019

Boris Johnson has won a strong mandate to get on with his Brexit deal, sending sterling shooting higher. But there’s something unusual going on with UK stocks, notes chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth.

16 December 2019

"Making America great again” was always a paean to Ronald Reagan’s 1980s, so it makes sense that the Donald is turning the clock back on global trade. Chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth takes a trip down memory lane.

09 December 2019

With the UK economy creaking under the weight of Brexit preparations, the election campaign is well and truly underway. Can the parties’ shower of gifts for voters really be paid for, wonders chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth.

25 November 2019

Another deadline, another delay to Brexit – and now another election on top. Meanwhile, the tennis match between China and the US over trade continues, notes our chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth.

20 November 2019

Markets pottered along last week, shrugging off some disappointing American data. Our chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth looks ahead to lots of central banking news and political posturing. 

18 November 2019

Stopping to remember is an important thing. Chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth outlines the week ahead.

11 November 2019

By knowing more about a problem and its solution, you can fix it. But you can also con people. Chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth draws parallels between politicians and economists and builders and mechanics.

04 November 2019
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E.g., 2020-03-30

The Brexit saga has taken a predictable turn, though the rout that Prime Minister Theresa May suffered in Tuesday’s Parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal was historical in its magnitude.

16 January 2019

At the start of 2018 we identified the concerns that eventually weighed on equity markets, but we hadn’t anticipated the big drop in valuations that would follow. We still believe some caution is warranted, but not the kind of fear that seemed to take hold as 2018 drew to a close.

11 January 2019

As market sentiment hits new lows, Rathbones’ David Coombs discusses why he welcomes the recent volatility and continues to back equities.

08 January 2019

Something has been creeping into our minds over the past few years: in everything from technology, politics and risk to the dynamics of interest rates, the models of yesterday appear to be breaking down. And that accelerated in 2018.

29 November 2018

It looks like much of the nitty-gritty on trade in services, financial services regulation and fishing will be worked out during the transition period.

15 November 2018

The final votes are still being counted but it’s clear that the Democrats have won control of the House while the Republicans have extended their majority in the Senate. If this midterm election was a referendum on Mr Trump’s presidency, the results were inconclusive.

07 November 2018

Uncharacteristically, the Chancellor delivered a Budget that took the savings accrued from the better than expected revenues of the last two years and reallocated them to future spending.

29 October 2018

This note is to inform you of a proposed merger of the net assets of the Rathbone Blue Chip Income and Growth Fund into the Rathbone Income Fund.

06 August 2018

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of a proposed merger (the Merger) by which the net assets of the Rathbone Blue Chip Income and Growth Fund (the Blue Chip Fund) will be transferred into the Rathbone Income Fund (the Income Fund).

06 August 2018

Rathbones today releases its “Brexit Decision Tree”. Rathbones’ head of asset allocation research, Ed Smith, believes that stopping at “we don’t know” is actually a missed opportunity. The decision tree shows a number of branches which lead to a range of possible outcomes.

02 August 2018
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