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News and comment

Our economic and market reviews are delivered from Rathbones chief investment officer, Julian Chillingworth.  He brings highlights, on the investment forecast and the outlook for global and UK markets.    

With the groundwork laid for a rapid recovery, equity markets reflected continued optimism in June. But as chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth notes, significant risks remain.

15 July 2020

The situation is a bit foggy right now, so investors are trying to figure out whether economies and companies are generally heading in the right direction. Chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth rounds up earnings and inflation.

13 July 2020
Review of the Week: Tally ho!

Call it pluck or devil-may-care recklessness, the UK has committed to diving out of the EU completely in 2021, deal or no deal. Chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth takes stock of the situation.

06 July 2020
Review of the Week: Independence Day lockdown

People are extremely adaptable as prolonged lockdowns have shown. Yet chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth ponders how changes to the way we live will shake out in the coming months and years.

29 June 2020

Economic statistics fell off a cliff in May, but as chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth notes, investors were already anticipating a big bounce as economies began to reopen.

22 June 2020

After the pandemic response, outstanding UK government debt is now as big as the whole economy. But that’s not necessarily an alarm bell, says chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth, as long as it’s spent on the right things.

22 June 2020

UK GDP fell off a cliff during the lockdown. That shouldn’t be a surprise, argues chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth, shutting down commerce was the point.

15 June 2020

Stock markets are soaring higher as the developed world starts to relax lockdowns. Yet the virus is spreading rapidly in the emerging world, notes chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth, and there’s still a chance of a second wave in the West.

08 June 2020

America seems chaotic from the top down. Yet, if you look hard at the bottom – main street – you can get a better idea of how the US is faring, argues chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth.

01 June 2020

While we’re all theorising about whether looking at a castle is the best form of optometry, really important issues are going unaddressed. Chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth stays focused on what matters.

26 May 2020
Press announcements
E.g., 2020-09-30
E.g., 2020-09-30

Now that the latest round of China/US trade talks have come to an uninspiring end, attention will shift to this evening’s announcement from the US Federal Reserve and the expected 0.25% rate reduction in the real interest rate. Markets will also be searching for clues as to whether there will be any further rate cuts this year, or whether this is a one off insurance cut.

31 July 2019

Rathbone Luxembourg Funds SICAV, mergers of sub-funds 

05 July 2019

The India growth story is now well-established, but on the eve of the largest general election in the world, should it still be regarded as the jewel in the emerging market crown?

10 April 2019

As announced on 18 February 2019, Rathbones has made changes to its Luxembourg domiciled SICAV in preparation for a post-Brexit regulatory environment.

26 March 2019

Rathbone Unit Trust Management prepares for post-Brexit regulatory environment.

18 February 2019

The Brexit saga has taken a predictable turn, though the rout that Prime Minister Theresa May suffered in Tuesday’s Parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal was historical in its magnitude.

16 January 2019

At the start of 2018 we identified the concerns that eventually weighed on equity markets, but we hadn’t anticipated the big drop in valuations that would follow. We still believe some caution is warranted, but not the kind of fear that seemed to take hold as 2018 drew to a close.

11 January 2019

As market sentiment hits new lows, Rathbones’ David Coombs discusses why he welcomes the recent volatility and continues to back equities.

08 January 2019

Something has been creeping into our minds over the past few years: in everything from technology, politics and risk to the dynamics of interest rates, the models of yesterday appear to be breaking down. And that accelerated in 2018.

29 November 2018

It looks like much of the nitty-gritty on trade in services, financial services regulation and fishing will be worked out during the transition period.

15 November 2018
Manager's viewpoint

The US central bank changed tack so fast in 2019 that you could hear the thunderclap. Rathbone Global Opportunities Fund manager James Thomson warns that investors shouldn’t follow suit. 

10 April 2019