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Our economic and market reviews are delivered from Rathbones chief investment officer, Julian Chillingworth.  He brings highlights, on the investment forecast and the outlook for global and UK markets.    

Notice to the shareholders of sub-fund Rathbone Multi-Asset Enhanced Growth Portfolio Accumulation Sub-Fund (the "Sub-Fund")

05 July 2019

Rathbone Luxembourg Funds SICAV, mergers of sub-funds 

05 July 2019

US stocks posted their strongest first-six-month performance in decades this year. This boom is a bit incongruous considering many of the risks that have dogged investors in 2019 notes our chief investment officer, Julian Chillingworth.

01 July 2019

Last week chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth set the scene for what proved to be a week of happy mood music from major central banks. This week all ears will be tuned to the G20 summit of world leaders in the hope of hearing more of the same on the trade front.

24 June 2019

The world seemed to unravel further last month, with British voters electing members to the EU Parliament whose goal is to leave it, and Donald Trump continuing to wield his trade cudgel. Our chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth considers the implications.

20 June 2019

These days, when markets get a bit rocky investors shuffle their feet and hint to central bankers that firing up the money presses would be a great idea. Our chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth sets the scene for a potentially blockbuster week of monetary policy.

17 June 2019

The week starts with a temporary reprieve in the Mexican stand-off, but will it last? Chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth looks at the prevailing winds in US trade rhetoric, the hot air here at home and the anti-trust threat heating up for America’s tech giants.

10 June 2019

Unlike with South American asylum seekers, tanks and razor wire won’t keep climate change from encroaching on your borders. Chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth looks at the latest US tariff threats.

03 June 2019

After years of arguments and hollering over Brexit, most Brits didn't even bother voting in the EU elections. Julian Chillingworth lays out how Nigel Farage's big win could affect mainstream party policies.

28 May 2019

The Conservatives are falling over themselves to replace the Prime Minister, even as she doggedly works on her deal. Meanwhile, America fires another shot at China in the trade war.

20 May 2019
Press announcements
E.g., 2019-08-20
E.g., 2019-08-20

It looks like much of the nitty-gritty on trade in services, financial services regulation and fishing will be worked out during the transition period.

15 November 2018

The final votes are still being counted but it’s clear that the Democrats have won control of the House while the Republicans have extended their majority in the Senate. If this midterm election was a referendum on Mr Trump’s presidency, the results were inconclusive.

07 November 2018

Uncharacteristically, the Chancellor delivered a Budget that took the savings accrued from the better than expected revenues of the last two years and reallocated them to future spending.

29 October 2018

This note is to inform you of a proposed merger of the net assets of the Rathbone Blue Chip Income and Growth Fund into the Rathbone Income Fund.

06 August 2018

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of a proposed merger (the Merger) by which the net assets of the Rathbone Blue Chip Income and Growth Fund (the Blue Chip Fund) will be transferred into the Rathbone Income Fund (the Income Fund).

06 August 2018

Rathbones today releases its “Brexit Decision Tree”. Rathbones’ head of asset allocation research, Ed Smith, believes that stopping at “we don’t know” is actually a missed opportunity. The decision tree shows a number of branches which lead to a range of possible outcomes.

02 August 2018

“This week will be dominated by three major central bank meetings, and investors asking if the US Federal Reserve will hike rates, if the ECB will end QE and if there will be any action at all from the Bank of Japan?

13 June 2018

Rathbone Unit Trust Management Ltd (Rathbones) announces its intention to launch the Rathbone Global Sustainability Fund in July 2018, subject to FCA regulatory approval.

12 June 2018

“As of late January, the MSCI World Index, hadn’t suffered a daily setback greater than 1.5% since September 2016 – a run unprecedented since 2006. After a tumultuous February and March, much of that complacency has been washed away.

06 April 2018

“We think it’s prudent to discuss the possible escalation of a global trade war and any impact it might have on our portfolio. Recent volatile market movements highlighted just how sensitive the market has become to protectionist rhetoric, certainly in the short term.

26 March 2018
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