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From 29 March 2019 the fund will not accept any new clients domiciled in an European Union (EU) 27 country. Current investors within the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) may continue to hold units in our UK domiciled funds and may make additional contributions. This is subject to change.

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Rathbone Greenbank Defensive Growth Portfolio

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We aim to deliver a greater total return than the Consumer Price Index
(CPI) measure of inflation + 2%, after fees. Total return means the
return we receive from the value of our investments increasing
(capital growth) plus the income we receive from our investments
(interest and dividend payments). We use the CPI + 2% as a target for
our fund’s return because we aim to grow your investment above

We aim to deliver this return with no more than half of the volatility of
the FTSE Developed stock market index. As an indication, if global
stock markets fall our fund value should be expected to fall by around
half that amount. Because we measure volatility over a five year
period, some falls may be larger or smaller over shorter periods of
time. We aim to limit the amount of volatility risk our fund can take
because we want our investors to understand the risk they are taking
in terms of the global stock market.

Costs and charges

MiFID II charges

S class

Ongoing charges figure (OCF)
Inc: 0.65%(est)/Acc: 0.65%(est)

Transaction costs
Inc: 0.10%(est) /Acc: 0.10%(est)

Total MiFID II charges
Inc: 0.75%(est) /Acc: 0.75%(est)


Fund inception date - 29 March 2021.
Performance not available until fund reaches a 12 month track record.



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Monday, March 29, 2021

Investor brochure

Sustainable investing with genuine diversification.