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Rathbone High Quality Bond Fund

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We aim to preserve your capital and pay an income by delivering a greater total return than the Bank of England's Base Rate + 0.5%, after fees, over any rolling three-year period. Total return means the return we receive from the value of our investments increasing (capital growth) plus the income we receive from our investments (interest payments). We use the Bank of England's Base Rate + 0.5% as a target for our fund’s return because we aim to provide a return in excess of what you would receive in a UK savings account.

This is an investment product, not a cash savings account. Your capital is at risk.

Quarterly investment notes: Rathbone High Quality Bond Fund Quarterly Investment Note, Q2 2021
Fund overview

Costs and charges

MiFID II charges

I class

Ongoing charges figure (OCF) as at 31.10.2020
Inc: 0.40%/Acc: 0.40%

Transaction costs
Inc: 0.04%/Acc: 0.04%

Total MiFID II charges
Inc: 0.44%/Acc: 0.44%

The MiFID II charges include the Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF) and transaction costs. PRIIPs compliant


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Portfolio and market insights

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

In conversation 

Manager Noelle Cazalis highlights the fund’s focus on bonds issued by high-quality companies operating in resilient industries. She explains how the fund’s focus on shorter duration investments may help protect investor capital in a higher inflation world.

Watch here


Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Quarterly investment commentary, June 2021

The economic recovery from COVID-19 gathered considerable pace in the second quarter, while also broadening out to more countries and economic sectors.

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