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From 29 March 2019 the fund will not accept any new clients domiciled in an European Union (EU) 27 country. Current investors within the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) may continue to hold units in our UK domiciled funds and may make additional contributions. This is subject to change.

The information held on this website relating to the Rathbone SICAV range of funds is only provided to investors in the EU where they are existing shareholders in one of the funds for information purposes only. The information provided in this site is aimed at existing investors only. It does not constitute an offer to sell, or solicit an offer to buy any investments by anyone in any jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation is not authorised or in which a member of the Rathbone Group is not authorised to do so.

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Monitoring developments in Ukraine

Rathbone Unit Trust Management (Rathbone Funds) is continually monitoring developments in Ukraine and taking all necessary practical measures to safeguard the long-term financial health and well-being of our clients. Our priority remains to protect your investments and to continue to manage them to the high standards you have come to expect.

We understand your concerns about how market volatility will impact your investments during such disturbing and worrying times. We would like to reassure you that our investment processes, fund managers and supporting teams remain unchanged, and our risk and compliance procedures continue to operate as normal.

We will continue to work tirelessly throughout this crisis to protect clients' investments and help them continue to meet their long-term financial objectives.

Our actions to date

Our investment team is closely monitoring the situation and working with the wider investment teams to make any adjustments deemed appropriate. Additionally, we are monitoring sanctions and their implications on individual holdings.

Your usual Rathbones contact will be able to keep you up to date on our views of the situation and any implications for your portfolio.

We will also be keeping our clients informed regarding their investments through regular market and fund updates. This remains a fast-moving situation and we are continually assessing the risks and impacts on our clients.

Please do continue to keep in touch with your usual contact and check our website for updates on the situation and our response.

In addition to our existing fund commentaries and blogs, we also aim to keep professional investors informed using the following means:

Our Review of the week updates, which you may already receive, can be accessed here under the ‘Market comment’ section. We are conducting regular webcasts across our funds. The webcasts can be accessed under the ‘Webcast’ tab here. Should you experience difficulty accessing our updates, please do get in touch for further assistance and for any other queries you might have. 

How you can contact Rathbones:

Please continue to speak to your usual Rathbones contact via telephone or email.

If you do not know the best person to speak to, please contact the Rathbone Funds Distribution Desk, who will be able to direct your call, on 020 7399 0399 or email

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support in this testing environment.

Yours faithfully

Mike Webb

Chief Executive

Rathbone Unit Trust Management