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Demystifying responsible investing - A guide for financial advisers

As public awareness of climate change and social inequalities has increased, so too has interest in responsible investing.

Previously a niche area of investment, it is quickly gaining attention from investors of all types. However, this can be a complicated area of investing to navigate. There are multiple approaches to responsible investing and a variety of ways to analyse companies for their sustainability credentials. While the end goal is often similar – to do the right thing for the environment and society – it is crucial to understand the differences between each approach because it helps investors to make informed choices about where they are putting their money. This guide has been designed to equip you with the information you need to have meaningful discussions with your clients about responsible investing and ultimately to provide them with investment solutions suited to their needs.

Download the full brochure below:

Find out more about our authentic approach to sustainable investment with our Rathbone Greenbank fund range.