Monthly market commentary

Stocks soared to new highs in June, but more pessimistic bond markets tolled a more ominous note amid weaker growth, falling earnings, trade tussles and other troubles. Chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth considers the mixed messages coming from stocks and bonds. 

11 July 2019

The world seemed to unravel further last month, with British voters electing members to the EU Parliament whose goal is to leave it, and Donald Trump continuing to wield his trade cudgel. Our chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth considers the implications.

20 June 2019

Equity markets are in a happy mood, climbing through a fog of uncertainty with omens of recession tolling from the bond market. Julian Chillingworth, Rathbones chief investment officer, explains why we think it still makes sense to stay invested, but with vigilance.

17 April 2019

Investors seem to be flitting between fear and optimism in an increasingly erratic manner. Hopes for a soft-touch Federal Reserve seem to be driving most of the optimism, notes chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth.

18 February 2019

Markets took a dive in December, but we think panicked investors may have got ahead of themselves.

22 January 2019

“I am a tariff man.”

10 December 2018

October was a brutal month for investors, with a simultaneous rise in bond yields and sharp correction in equity markets.

09 November 2018

Emerging markets recovered sharply last week after a hefty rate hike by the Turkish central bank and a more modest – but still applauded – one by the Russian monetary authority.

24 September 2018

It’s been a hot and sleepy summer punctuated by a few small scares, notes chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth.

15 August 2018

The government has got itself in another tangle over Brexit. Meanwhile, chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth investigates the strange dichotomy that’s driving an ascendant dollar.

16 July 2018