Rathbone Heritage fund merger

As part of an ongoing review of our portfolio of investment opportunities for clients, we are informing you of a proposed merger of the Rathbone Heritage Fund (the “Heritage Fund”) with the Rathbone Strategic Growth Portfolio, a sub-fund of Rathbone Multi-Asset Portfolio (the “Strategic Growth Portfolio”).

We have undertaken an assessment on the ongoing viability of the Heritage Fund and have concluded that the Merger is in the interests of investors.  

The Heritage Fund has not attracted the level of investment that we anticipated and is now at a size at which it is no longer commercially viable on its own.  Rather than terminating the Heritage Fund, which may crystallise capital gains and potentially create tax liabilities for unitholders, we are proposing a merger with a fund that may still meet your needs but which is more commercially viable through better economies of scale.  The Strategic Growth Portfolio is a good merger candidate as it has a similar investment objective.  

Information pack

For more information please read the Information Pack carefully as it provides full details of the proposal and the options available to you as a unitholder.  If you are uncertain about the contents of this document, we would recommend that you consult a financial advisor.

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