Best Alpha Manager - Global Developed Equities

James Thomson, manager of the Rathbone Global Opportunities Fund, has picked up Best Alpha Manager, Global Developed Equities at FE fundinfo’s 2020 Alpha Manager Awards! 

The Alpha Manager Rating is a quantitative rating that distinguishes the top UK fund managers based on alpha generation and outperformance across their career history, allowing investors to instantly identify those managers who have consistently outperformed their peer group over time. It recognises how the most successful managers consistently add value for investors over the course of their careers, removing the nuances of short-term market movements other cyclical factors.
Only the top 10% of UK managers receive an Alpha Rating, representing those managers who are the very best of the best in the industry. James has been an Alpha Manager for the last 10 years.
This year’s award confirms James as the very best of that 10% of his category and it came from a very distinguished shortlist including managers from McInroy & Wood Portfolios; Linsell Train; Stewart Investors and Columbia Threadneedle Investments.
Total votes: 17

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