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News and events

As we approach the Brexit deadline day, Will McIntosh-Whyte discusses why the Multi-Asset team are not looking to take big bets on the outcome, but rather position the portfolios in order to minimise any downside risk whatever the outcome.
21 March 2019
Equity and credit markets exacted their pound of flesh from investors in the last quarter of 2018, as concerns over global growth mounted in the face of tariff wars and rising interest rates. Assistant fund manager Will McIntosh-Whyte discusses the outlook for 2019 and the risks that sterling might pose for investors as Brexit unfolds.
22 January 2019
Investors have done a lot of clambering up ladders only to slide down more than a few snakes this year. Assistant fund manager Will McIntosh-Whyte discusses how the US Federal Reserve and G-20 leaders have been playing the game recently and how the dice may land in 2019.
12 December 2018
The simplest solution tends to be the most likely answer. Following early October’s tumble, many different theories for the equity market fall have been thrown around. Join assistant fund manager Will McIntosh-Whyte as he argues you can follow a logical path back to a hefty jump in US Treasury yields stemming from the Federal Reserve’s declaration that interest rates are “a long way from neutral”, and discusses how the multi-asset portfolios have behaved through the recent market volatility
24 October 2018
The US President has spent most of the year sending ill-advised tweets from the back of the classroom, but his boisterous optimism and background deregulation has pushed the US market to new highs. His politics may be questionable, but it’s businesses we focus on. Join assistant fund manager Will McIntosh-Whyte as he assesses the economic prospects as the mid-term elections approach, and runs through a report card of what has worked for the funds and what hasn’t.
12 September 2018
The simplest solution tends to be the most likely answer. Following early October’s tumble, many different theories for the equity market fall have been thrown around. Join assistant fund manager Will McIntosh-Whyte as he argues you can follow a logical path back to a hefty jump in US Treasury yields stemming from the Federal Reserve’s declaration that interest rates are “a long way from neutral”.
12 September 2018
Assistant fund manager Will McIntosh-Whyte discusses how the multi-asset team remain vigilant in positioning the funds in the face of the ongoing saga that is Brexit
08 August 2018
Will looks at the implications of recent developments in Italian politics, and discusses how the multi-asset funds are positioned.
13 June 2018
Will looks at China’s One Belt One Road initiative. Is this is Chinese solution to global economic blues? Hear how the multi-asset strategies are allocating to the region.
09 May 2018
If you believe everything you read, Amazon pays no taxes, YouTube advertises terrorism, Facebook hands out our data to the highest bidder and Apple is tracking our every move. Will considers the folly of investing in acronyms and whether this is the start of a technology backlash. Take this opportunity to hear how the strategies are positioned as developments unfold.
11 April 2018
Market comment

Our economic and market reviews are delivered from Rathbones Chief Investment Officer, Julian Chillingworth.  He brings highlights, on the investment forecast and the outlook for global and UK markets.    

Equity markets are in a happy mood, climbing through a fog of uncertainty with omens of recession tolling from the bond market. Julian Chillingworth, Rathbones chief investment officer, explains why we think it still makes sense to stay invested, but with vigilance.

17 April 2019

It seems only fitting that our new Brexit date coincides with Halloween – will it be ‘trick’ or ‘treat’? 

15 April 2019

The Conservative Party has politicked itself into a terrible bind, explains Julian Chillingworth, our chief investment officer. The consequences for the country could be momentous

08 April 2019

Global equities shrugged off some bad news to post remarkable gains in the first quarter. Julian Chillingworth, our chief investment officer, thinks it’s time to shuffle toward the exit – but not too fast.

01 April 2019

A logjam in the streets and another in Parliament. Our chief investment officer, Julian Chillingworth, ponders a hectic week ahead.

25 March 2019

“It’s just a flesh wound.”

18 March 2019

You could hear the crack of the starting gun echoing around the markets last week: the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential candidacy is on and American equities dipped noticeably. And the leading message from those leading the Democratic pack is that capitalism itself is broken and needs radical reform.

11 March 2019

We don’t know about you, but over the past year or so we got into the habit of buying our travel money extremely far in advance of holidays.

04 March 2019

US corporate earnings hit a crescendo this week, yet most people are focused on the Federal Reserve and the fluid trade policies of the American President.

25 February 2019

Quite possibly the worst bounty delivered by the 21st century is the 24-hour news cycle.

18 February 2019

Keep informed with announcements from Rathbone Unit Trust Management, including company news and our press releases.

The India growth story is now well-established, but on the eve of the largest general election in the world, should it still be regarded as the jewel in the emerging market crown?

10 April 2019

As announced on 18 February 2019, Rathbones has made changes to its Luxembourg domiciled SICAV in preparation for a post-Brexit regulatory environment.

26 March 2019

Theresa May has asked the European Union (EU) for a delay in the UK’s departure until 30 June, with EU officials indicating they would only grant an extension on the grounds of Parliament agreeing a deal.

21 March 2019

This has been a tumultuous week for politics by anyone’s standards. Following the drama of Brexit votes and Parliament exerting its will not to leave the EU without a deal, it was a better day in the office for Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday.

15 March 2019

Rathbone Unit Trust Management prepares for post-Brexit regulatory environment.

18 February 2019

The Brexit saga has taken a predictable turn, though the rout that Prime Minister Theresa May suffered in Tuesday’s Parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal was historical in its magnitude.

16 January 2019

At the start of 2018 we identified the concerns that eventually weighed on equity markets, but we hadn’t anticipated the big drop in valuations that would follow.

11 January 2019

As market sentiment hits new lows, Rathbones’ David Coombs discusses why he welcomes the recent volatility and continues to back equities.

08 January 2019

Something has been creeping into our minds over the past few years: in everything from technology, politics and risk to the dynamics of interest rates, the models of yesterday appear to be breaking

29 November 2018

Note dealing dates and times for the Luxembourg SICAV funds

19 November 2018

The final votes are still being counted but it’s clear that the Democrats have won control of the House while the Republicans have extended their majority in the Senate.

07 November 2018

Uncharacteristically, the Chancellor delivered a Budget that took the savings accrued from the better than expected revenues of the last two years and reallocated them to future spending.

29 October 2018
Asset TV masterclass
2018 was a challenging environment for fixed income but 2019 saw a rally in the bond markets, so why was this and is it set to continue?
10 April 2019

ESG is no longer a niche concern, in fact Forbes estimates that around a quarter of professionally managed assets around the world have an ESG focus. So what sort of trends will shape ESG in the coming year? 

20 February 2019
Trump's trade war, Brexit uncertainty, volatility returning to markets and when will the bull run end? These are some of the questions that investors have been asking themselves over the last 12 months. But coming into 2019 are we going to see more of the same?
14 December 2018
ESG accounts for around a quarter of the assets around the world, so does this mean that it is now mainstream? And what does an ESG fund offer compared to other funds that do not take into account ESG characteristics?
19 October 2018
Demand for multi-asset funds have burgeoned but now as we enter a period of quantitative tightening, uncertainty and geopolitics plague markets, does it still offer the diversification benefits on which it's built?
19 September 2018
The first quarter of 2018 has been the worst for fixed income since the global financial crisis; why was this and is it likely to continue?
04 May 2018
2017 has been an eventful year with Brexit, Trump, political and economic uncertainty, central bank monetary policy and also high and low yields. These all characterized the year, so are we going to see more of the same in 2018?
12 December 2017
Fixed Income has long acted as a safety net but rising rates pose a challenge. In this Masterclass a panel of experts discuss how fixed income is positioned today, managing risk, long vs. short duration, views on geopolitical risk in Europe and current trends in ESG and social bonds.
06 October 2017
In this Masterclass, four experts discuss multi-asset investing and its concerns for investors, how to approach multi-asset investing when there is so much uncertainty, what current equity opportunities there are and what trends can be found in the industry.
20 February 2017